The Ten Pound Honeymoon




In 1945 the Australian Government proposed ‘Populate or Perish’. From this thinking, the ‘Assisted Passage Scheme’ was born. This was the opportunity for David and Lorna to get away from high rents and bad weather in the British Isles. A cheap fare to Australia in 1965, a chance to see the other half of the world beckons. The climate in the new country is just fine. The culture is a little backward. Most people are friendly and good to work with, others less so. There is a lot to learn and quite quickly, a need to put down some roots. Before long, they have children and a new house and are becoming more permanent. After a visit to the old country David becomes more settled. Aged 40 and tired of the same old routines he embarks on a completely new life and becomes a schoolteacher. They are migrating again, this time to Kalgoorlie, new experiences beckon. This is a new look at Australia and the realities of life in the ‘bush’. Back in the city with a new house and new jobs they are finally settled and it is time to eventually explore Australia. Time to call Australia home! 

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