The Light in the dark


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Shortlisted for the Wales Creative Nonfiction Book of the Year 2019; Rediscover the light in the dark…; ‘A treasure of a book, wonderfully attentive in outlook and generous in spirit.’ – Amy Liptrot; As November stubs out the glow of autumn and the days tighten into shorter hours, winter’s occupation begins. Preparing for winter has its own rhythms, as old as our exchanges with the land. Of all the seasons, it draws us together.

But winter can be tough.; It is a time of introspection, of looking inwards. Seasonal sadness; winter blues; depression – such feelings are widespread in the darker months. But by looking outwards, by being in and observing nature, we can appreciate its rhythms.

Mountains make sense in any weather. The voices of a wood always speak consolation. A brush of frost; subtle colours; days as bright as a magpie’s cackle.

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